Across the country, Bell has completed major international airport projects, metro networks, software parks, mega hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls.

Forced Draught Cooling Towers

Forced draught tower fans handle cold and dry air with lesser specific volume, hence air flow amount is less for a given duty than Induced Draught. This design offers up to 450 TR per cell.

Induced Draught Cooling Towers

All of the PVC fills are double folded for impact resistance and effective erosion protection. These well researched fills have a lower static resistance than any other type of fill, which results in reduction in power consumption. This design provides up to 1000 TR per cell, thereafter multiple cells can be used.
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World-renowned cooling tower series with guaranteed thermal efficiency and significant savings in chiller power consumption. Up to 5000 TR per cell is available.
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Bell Cooling Towers is a leading manufacturer & exporter of cooling towers for various commercial and industrial applications like air-conditioning and refrigeration, diesel generating sets, process cooling, cold storages, captive power plants and many more.

BELL primarily manufactures and exports both Induced draft and Forced draft towers. Tower sizes range from 7.5 TR to 1000 TR in a single cell and 125 kva to 2000 kva DG Sets. BELL also has a specialised range of cooling towers for low noise applications in both categories. BELL has 106 environmentally responsible commercial cooling tower models certified by Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) .

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Experience the Bell Difference

The Bell Advantage

  • Better efficiency due to a stringent Approach
  • Greater Thermal Efficiency
  • Higher Energy Saving
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Lower Drift Loss
  • Why Us?

  • 30 Years of experience
  • Pan-India Client Support Teams
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Modern & Advanced technology
  • Over 35,000 Satisfied Clients
  • Several LEED certified and GREEN BUILDING Installations
  • CTI series cooling towers

  • These towers are subjected to stringent testing. Data collected on-site is integrated scientifically and supplied into a Data Logger. The collected data is analysed for performance to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the towers.
  • These towers do not have a pre-established TR classification; instead, they are only designated according to the designed parameters and flow rates.
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